White calico; original Cirque du Soleil printed cotton silesia; black neoprene; original Cirque du Soleil printed lycra; red velvet; dark brown flexible plastic branches; bronze colour metallic findings; red and scarlet tabi shoes hand painted by Gaya Mugnai.

From May to August 2015 I was fortunate enough to become part of the great Cirque du Soleil family whilst assisting backstage on the show “Allavita!” which was presented at the outdoor theatre of Expo Milano 2015. I became part of the local wardrobe team who helped in running the show and maintaining over 500 items, including shoes, wigs, hats, and transformable pieces designed by Marie Chantale Vaillancourt.

Thanks to the incredible Geneviève Maranda, head of wardrobe for the Cirque du Soleil group since 2008,  I gained a life-changing experience with one of the largest entertainment company in the world. 


One day, the artistic director Tom Otjes came in to the costume shop asking for a backup costume for the opening act of the show, Volcano. In the case that the original Hand-Stand act performed by Andrey Koltsov wasn't staged, the artist Jean-Francois Faber would take his brilliant Cube manipulation act to the stage.

I was asked to take care of the project and Geneviève entrusted me with the complete process of designing and making the costume for JF.

It was an exciting and stimulating task. I took all the references was possible to find to make sure I was going to create a new skin for Volcano that would have had the same visual impact of the original one but also a new shape designed on the body and the movement of the new performer.